Cocktails are crafted...

Posted on Tue Apr 27th, 2021 at 1:09 pm

Over the years, The Bottle Room has upgraded its cocktail program and at the helm is our Bar Manager Shayna. Using more fresh ingredients and infused spirits has really brought the value up with our cocktail program. But not only do these ingredients need to be of great quality and freshness they also need to be crafted in a way that they are balanced.  Cocktails have a base spirit, a sugar or juice , modifier and water that need to be relatively balanced. If you put only booze in a glass and a splash of the others then the cocktail will not be tasty. If only a little spirit is added to a mostly fruit juice drink then the cocktail will not be tasty. If you add too much bitters, worcestershire  or other modifier to a drink then it won't be tasty. And if you forget to add one of the parts completely then it could be tragic for that cocktail. So crafting a cocktail to be consistent using measuring tools, correct ice and proper mixing equipment will bring a smile to the tasters face every time. There is an artistic flare that is needed to create unique fun cocktails. We strive to meet that expectation here at The Bottle Room.  Cheers!  - Justin (owner)

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