Wine Cave Doors

Posted on Tue May 18th, 2021 at 8:56 pm

The door at the back of The Bottle Room was decided on during a walk through Wrightstown WI in 2012. The door represents a huge part of the wine industry. The door to the cave that stores all of the wine in barrels. Most wineries invest in some storage whether cave or buildings. Why do they prefer the caves. One reason is space. It takes up less space to dig into the ground. Leaving more land to hold vines or winery production facilities. Another is constant temperature and humidity. A building built to hold wine barrels above ground will lose more wine to the Angels share. The amount of wine evaporated over time out of the barrels into the air. Natural wine caves keep more wine in the barrel. Which means more wine to sell. In order to protect all of that wonderful wine wineries use distinctive doors that become works of art. So next time you're in The Bottle Room and see the beautiful door to our private event room, you'll know the thought that went into connecting us to the wineries of the world.



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