Posted on Mon Jun 21st, 2021 at 1:02 pm

We recently did a wine tasting at The Bottle Room that focused on certain scents associated with specific wines. The one thing we stressed was that your first sniff should eliminate faults. One scent you don't want in your wine is that of smelly socks or damp newspapers/musty basement. This is what is known as cork taint. Strangely enough it develops during the cleaning process. This frustrating part of the wine industry has "tainted" the experience for wine drinkers for many years. Some wonderful wines have been labeled not so good unfortunately because new wine drinkers did not realize they were tasting a cork taint wine. Definitely not their fault. 


Another scent to look for is a wine that has sat open for several days. An over cooked fruit musty smell that makes the wine unimpressive. Sometimes a bottle has a glass left of wine in it and just doesn't get drank. This combined with the air in the bottle will spoil it if not properly stored after being opened. 


We encourage you to make your first sniff of any wine one that eliminates faults. There should be some sort of fruit component to the wine and pleasurable. If you find the smelly musty basement over cooked fruit we suggest you return the glass or bottle. It is not appropriate to pay for wine that is sub par. It does not do justice for the wine or the winemaker. 


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